Slip, trip and fall prevention is important year-round. Yet, it’s especially critical during the winter months. Here are some tips that could help when dealing with snow and ice:
1. Use cleared sidewalks and walkways.
2. Wear non-slip footwear.
Avoid boots or shoes with high heels. Leather soles offer little traction when wet.
3. Plant your feet firmly on the ground while exiting your vehicle.
4. Walk slowly
in parking lots, even if you are running late. A slip-and-fall will make you even later or possibly send you to the emergency room.
5. Minimize the number of bags/items you carry. Several bags and heavy items can alter your balance.
6. Be aware of your surroundings. If at the office, report unsafe conditions to security or a designated property manager.
7. Expect the unexpected, such as black ice hidden under a blanket of snow or patches of “clear surfaces” on pavement when temperatures dip below freezing.
8. Allow extra time for travel.

Courtesy of Steve Kukowski at Utica National Insurance Group

Gabi Cutout