If severe thunderstorms and hail are in the forecast, take these precautions to stay safe from wind and hail.

  • Bring family members and pets inside your home and park all vehicles inside garage or underneath an overhang.
  • Move patio furniture, and outdoor items inside a garage or basement to prevent damage.
  • Keep an eye out for dark clouds, lightening, thunder and heavy rain.
  • Have a radio nearby to track progress of the storm and listen for updates on wind speeds and hail sightings.
  • Close all doors and windows as well as any blinds, shades or curtains. This extra preventative measure could help if wind blows debris through your windows.
  • Stay away from windows, doors, and stay towards the interior of your home. That way, you’ll be safer should windows shatter.
  • After a strong storm, be mindful of faulty gas lines, and downed power lines. If unsure about a wire, assume it is alive and notify the authorities.
  • Look for any property damage, broken tree limbs and other debris, and avoid walking near hazardous items.


Courtesy of Testerman Restoration www.testermanrestoration.com


Gabi Cutout