Out enjoying the trail on your off-road vehicle? Here are great tips to keep you safe.

     Think ahead. Ask a local dealer or law enforcement agency about the laws and regulations in your area. Do your best to preserve nature and be sure you only ride where off-road vehicles are permitted.

     Be prepared. Every time you ride, be sure to take your owner’s manual, a small took kit and essential spare parts with you.

Every time you ride, be sure to take your owner’s manual, a small took kit and essential spare parts.

Always wear a helmet, eye protection, a sturdy jacket, long pants, over-the-ankle boots and gloves.

Find a safe place to practice braking, turning and improving reaction time to make you a better – and safer – rider.

Learn more. Improve your riding skills by taking a training course. Make sure your vehicle is properly licensed or registered. Choose a vehicle that is appropriate for your age and ability.

Stay off paved roads. Remember that off-road vehicles are meant for operation off pavement and public roads. These surfaces may not only be illegal, but dangerous.

Keep your speed right for the conditions and your experience and be aware of terrain, visibility and potential hazards.

Check it out. Always check controls, lights, fuel and oil levels, switches, chain, driveshaft, tires and chassis before you head out. Follow the recommended service schedule and be sure an authorized service provider makes all repairs.

Never carry a passenger on your off-road vehicle unless the vehicle is designed with an appropriate passenger seat. Additional weight can greatly affect handling and potentially cause loss of control.

Know you’re protected. Be sure you have proper insurance coverage to protect your vehicle and provide liability coverage in case someone gets injured or property is damaged during the use of your vehicle. Call us at 483-3200 or visit www.sandrinsurance.com for quotes or questions.

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